My Modern Guest is a collective of wedding photographers that explore wedding guest styles in many forms – from the casual formal to cocktail chic. 

Daniel & Lindsay Stark//MMG Founders/Photographers

A Brief History

There are only a few times in your life when you get dressed to the nines. One might your own wedding. The other, when you're a guest at someone else's.

As wedding photographers, we often have a limited amount of time to photograph guests. A few years ago, we (Lindsay and Daniel) decided to make a little game...ahem, competition, out of it. We started splitting up to see how many wedding guests we could each photograph in a 15 minute period. At first, we just reported back to each other with our total. Pretty soon we started realizing that these guests had more than just a little friendly competition to offer. We would look at our photos from the challenge and notice all the styles and personalities we were able to capture in that time. So our next challenge became about who could take the best portrait of a wedding guest. We collected these images and thus, the idea for My Modern Guest was born.

Dressing for a wedding is no easy task. Sure, you can throw on whatever you wore to the last wedding you went to, which is generally what we all do. Or you can go out on a limb, get creative and embrace the fact that this isn't just an opportunity for the bride and groom to get snazzy. This is your moment too. From taking these photos and chatting with guests, we've learned that more often than not guests obsess over what they're going to wear as much as the bride and groom do. 

My Modern Guest (MMG) is for everyone. It's for the modern guest. The creative, curious and adventurous guest. Or the classic, elegant and understated guest.. We hope this collective inspires you.


Daniel & Lindsay Stark are international award winning photographers. Their home base is Portland, Oregon.
They never get to be wedding guests...except for the photo in bio. 
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